App + Wearable

GOYO is a trendy new Sri Lankan based Fitness App and Wearable representing wellness and well being, with an eco system revolving around keeping fit, living healthy, cultivating healthy habits and looking good.

Be a member of the exciting GOYO community and enjoy endless rewards by purchasing the GOYO Wearable and registering on the GOYO App.


This must-have App acts as your "Personal Health Advisor", motivating you towards achieving daily targeted goals and rewarding your accomplishments with fantastic Partner Offers.

Our most distinctive features are that the App is designed for the everyday Sri Lankan, rewarding YOU with exclusive offers from our Partners, consisting of top local and international brands. With the GOYO App, you can accept specific challenges, monitor your progress and get rewarded for transforming into a better YOU!

Enjoy one years’ free membership on the GOYO App when you purchase the GOYO Wearable. You can continue to reap awesome rewards by renewing your membership annually at a nominal price.

If you work hard to get fit, you may earn free renewals so GET SET with GOYO today!

App features & specifications


Complete a SET task to win super cool rewards from our GOYO Partners

Track your Stats

A little progress everyday adds up to BIG results! Keep track of your daily activities and challenge related achievements.


Beat the competition for ultimate bragging rights! Boom baby!

GOYO Fitness Profile

Stay up to date on your performance, accumulate badges and view your personal stats.


You can now GET fit with both iOS 9.0 upward and Android 4.4 upward

GOYO Wearable

The GOYO Wearable has been designed with you in mind, giving you a stylish, sleek design with multiple colour options to suit your personality.

It will track your progress and keep count of your calories, steps, distance & sleep and monitor your heart rate. The GOYO Wearable is linked to the GOYO App which will assist you to achieve your ultimate fitness goal and complete challenges and get rewards from Partners.

Wearable features & specifications

Calorie Tracker

Achieve your weight goals by burning those calories away! You’ll thank us for it later.

Step Counter

Be amazed at your progress when you step up to the GOYO challenge. Keep fit.

Distance Tracker

Everywhere is within walking distance if you SET your mind to it! So go ahead and walk. We’ll do the rest!

Sleep Tracker

Detect your sleep patterns and understand whether you’ve had a good night’s rest. A much needed component to aid your overall fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitor

Continuously measure your heart rate and cardio fitness levels to optimize your exercise routines and be the best YOU can be!

Bluetooth Connectivity

Make a connection and GET to know your body like never before with statistics from your GOYO wearable easily accessible on your mobile device.


1 year warranty provided against factory defects from date of purchase (online purchase or cash on delivery confirmation). Please use GOYO contact form to get in touch with us to arrange for warranty replacement.

Water Resistance

Try not to get it wet but a splash here & there is fine. Just make sure to clean up afterward.